Well, after many years I have finally pulled the trigger and moved all my hosting over to Amazon AWS, but it’s going to take a bit so stay with me!


After many years, and countless hours wasted trying to improve performance, I have made the jump to move all my hosting over to AWS.  My previous provider just did not have the performance I was looking for, it was slow, hard to use, and something I had setup back before AWS even existed.

So why the switch? Well – it’s better, and not just a little bit better, a lot better!  AWS is faster, easier to use, more reliable, and overall just a better experience.  After All, they are the biggest cloud provider for a reason!

However, this move is going to take me some time, as I only work on it when I have some free time.  So please bare with me! I will get everything transferred over but I’m just starting today.